Cash Flow Planning

‘Bringing your financial planning to life’

Cash flow planning shows you where you are today and helps you get to where you want to tomorrow. Preparing a cash flow model for you is a fundamental step in our lifestyle financial planning process to help us ensure that we can help you achieve your financial objectives.

How it works

Firstly we input your detailed personal information including income, expenditure, assets and liabilities that you have supplied to us. This creates a clear picture for you of your current financial situation.

We carefully consider other issues that will affect the outputs, such as inflation and investment growth rates.

Adding in Financial goals & life events such as when you want to retire, planning for further education costs and helping children buy their first property, then  shows us what your financial position maybe in future years.

The initial cash flow plan will allow us to visually show you the position you are currently in and any shortfalls you have. We can then agree on how these can be made up, such as saving more or spending less. It also helps us ascertain the level of investment risk you should be taking to help you achieve your goals.

‘What if’
The software that we use, also allows us to consider ‘what if’ scenario’s that maybe relevant to you such as taking early retirement, gifting to children or other consequences such as if you were to fall ill or go into a care home in later life and how they would financially impact you in the future

The key aim is to ensure that you never run out of money whilst enjoying the lifestyle that you want to enjoy. Once we have the plan in place, it is crucial that we meet regularly to ensure that you keep on track and allow us to change the plan and your objectives as your situation changes

In summary, Cash flow planning provides you with financial peace of mind and to ensure that you achieve your goals in life.

Cash-flow planning is suitable for all clients, whether you are planning ahead for the future,  you are at retirement and want to ensure that you do not run out of money or understanding the impact of inheritance tax on your estate. Cash-flow planning is only available to clients within our Private Client Service