How we work

We believe that a structured approach is the key to ensuring that we help you achieve your financial goals. You will know what to expect from us every step of the way.  We have therefore created a five step approach to providing you with the right financial strategy and this will ensure that you understand every part of the advice process.

1. Discovery Meeting:
Held at our expense and with no obligation, this is a two way interview, to see if we can help you and for you to check if we are the right people for you.  In advance of this meeting we will send you a financial questionnaire to complete, so we can focus the meeting on understanding you, your concerns and financial. We will then send you a detailed note of these meetings and the cost of proceeding to the next step.

2.  Information gathering and reporting:
We may require more information from you and also about any existing assets you own to help us complete a full picture. Using our specialist capability we will conduct a detailed cashflow plan and also come up with suggestions and solutions on the best way forward.

3. Meeting:
During this second meeting we will present and explain our cash-flow plan and also talk around the options and solutions applicable to you, answer your questions and between us agree the best strategy to help put you in the best position to help you achieve your objectives.

4. Report:
A detailed report will be sent to you covering our advice and discussions for your approval

5. Implementation:
We will then arrange to meet up to implement the plan.

5. Reviews:
To ensure that a sound financial strategy takes account of your changing situation and the circumstances out of your control, it should be constantly monitored and therefore we will agree the frequency of regular ongoing reviews service to ensure that your financial plan is monitored and where appropriate changes are made to ensure that we keep you on track to meet your long term objectives.

Our fees:
We aim to provide a service that is comprehensive  and  for our fees to be completely transparent, we will advise you and agree, any fees, before proceeding with any work.  We charge fixed fees for all initial and implementation work and thereafter, depending upon the amount we are responsible for, our fees will be charged on either a percentage basis or fixed annual fee.

Neil takes the time to understand his clients and can explain complex financial issues in plain English! He is patient and listens to what you want to achieve as a client – he then takes the time to explain how those objectives can be arrived at.  As well as having excellent qualifications and expert knowledge, Neil has great communication skills (just as important) and shows great empathy.

 Mr D Burrows;  David Burrows Journalism.
David is a journalist and his website can be accessed by clicking on the link above